Welcome to Cart & toons!

We started out in Jan 2012 by selling a few items of Anime/manga series through Facebook. It’s been more than four years now and since then, we have graduated to a lot more than few items. We later started dealing in figure/figurines from each and every brand available in the market, well almost!
Gradually, we didn’t stop ourselves from selling merchandise and figures confined to Anime/manga characters but expanded to dealing with the ever so popular stuffs from Marvel, Disney etc.

We are a team of two Comic enthusiast / Anime Addicts / Manga Lovers /  over obsessive fan of K-Drama..call us whatever you want 😀 whose motive was never to make this as a money making business but simply follow our passion; a passion to help others get their favorite stuffs.

As time passed, gradually we became known for the goods we sell and for our customer service especially, since we believe in making friends rather than mere customers. We take genuine interest in the 3 W’s. “What, Why and for Whom…” and that’s one reason why people have always liked us since we try to make their shopping an experience and not just a purchase of an item(s). In short, we thrive on making each and every customer feel like someone special when they do business with us. The reviews on our Facebook page is a proof of the same.

Eventually, we took another step and registered ourselves. So on May 06, 2014 Cart & toons officially came into existence followed with the launch of our website.

Our Mission:
We don’t want Cart & toons to simply be a website to shop, but a website which celebrates the amazing skills of all the artist out there.